Birgitta Stephenson, Director, ITG Analysis

Birgitta Stephenson, Director, ITG Analysis

BA Honours (Archaeology), B Pharm, MACP, Grad Dip Pharm Nutrition

Director, In the Groove Analysis Pty Ltd.

Birgitta Stephenson merges  pharmacy and archaeology to develop and adapt histopathological biochemical staining methods to highlight aged and degraded archaeological residues.  As a pharmacist Birgitta has a keen interest in molecular structure and pharmacology which provides a solid foundation for the development of additional lines of evidence in residue analysis.

Birgitta has worked on a range of projects specialising in the investigation of ground surfaces in a variety of archaeological contexts.  The visualisation of animal specific residues, in particular collagen, has allowed for the reassessment of the significance of in-situ ground surfaces which previously have been considered to have low scientific potential.

Birgitta graduated from the University of Queensland with a Pharmacy degree in 1981.  She has continued her studies  in Australia and abroad attaining a post graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Nutrition, an Arts degree with a double major in Archaeology and first class Honours in Archaeology from the University of Queensland.